retrofit contractor in Los Angeles

Have you received a notice that your building requires retrofitting? If you have, then the first thing you must do is to contact a retrofit contractor in Los Angeles. You may have a lot of questions about why it’s necessary to do it. This post will help you understand the necessity of seismic retrofitting. 

Increase Safety of Your House by Hiring a Retrofit Contractor in Los Angeles 

It’s one of the reasons for retrofitting, i.e. increasing your home’s safety. You don’t want to live in a house where the foundation is degrading. If a strong jolt happens, your entire house will be in ruins. According to USGS, “Ground shaking is the primary cause of earthquake damage to man-made structures. Many factors influence the strength of earthquake shaking at a site including the earthquake’s magnitude, the site’s proximity to the fault, the local geology, and the soil type.”

Protect Your Investment 

In addition to bolstering the safety of your house, retrofitting will protect your investment. You have invested a lot of money into your house. It only makes sense to protect your investment as much as possible. With retrofitting, you’re not only meeting the current building codes but you’re also preventing your house from collapsing. It ensures that your house remains standing no matter how massive the quake is. If you ignore this recommendation, though, your house will be demolished if it endured significant damage. It will cost a lot less to retrofit your building than to replace the entire house or building. 

Protect the People Living in the House and the Entire Community 

Apart from protecting your own investment, retrofitting is also vital in protecting the entire community. Los Angeles has developed retrofit ordinances to ensure that an entire community is intact when an earthquake strikes. Remember what happened to Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011? A 6.3-magnitude quake hit the place that caused a major economic effect on the community. You don’t want your entire community to vanish after ignoring building codes. 

Boost Resale Value 

Retrofitting can mean you need to spend thousands of money to retrofit your house. But it’s all worth it considering the short-term and long-term benefits. For short-term benefit, retrofitting will ensure a reduction in energy cost. But its long-term benefit includes increasing the resale value of the property. Energy efficiency is vital for any prospective buyer. If you’re trying to sell the house a few years from now, having it retrofitted can boost its value. You can demand a higher price for your home and provide the potential buyers with proof that you have retrofitted your house or building. 

retrofit contractor in Los Angeles

How to Start the Retrofitting Project? 

To help you get started, you need to schedule a consultation with a retrofit contractor in Los Angeles. Call us today to know more about our services: (818) 975-8323. 


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