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Whether you are a concerned home owner, potential home buyer or just want to ask us a few questions about your foundation, LARC can help.

About Us

LARC specializes in foundation repair, foundation evaluation, earthquake retrofitting, house bolting, new construction and commercial & home remodeling. LARC is an experienced STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS specializing in earthquake rehabilitation work in order to meet the requirements of different city ordinances and building codes.

Our structural engineers use the very latest method in earthquake design calculations to save you as much possible in construction and less disturbance to the tenants.We believe our retrofit, remodeling and construction services will give you the best outcome and give you the most value from your property investment. When you work with LARC, you work with the principles of the company from start to finish. Whether you are a concerned home owner, potential home buyer or just want to ask us few questions about your foundation, LARC can help.

Why we're the best

Guaranteed Best Value

We realize that being a jack of all trades doesn't necessarily mean you are a master of any. All of our workers are skilled and trained professionals that specialize in the field they are performing work in. because of that, we are able to maintain a high quality of workmanship while operating efficiently. This efficiency saves time which in turn saves you money.

Guaranteed 7 Days Estimate

Nothing is worse than waiting weeks for an estimate on a project that needs to be completed immediately. We guarantee 7 days estimate on any foundation inspection and evaluation and remodeling or new construction.

Customer Service

Top notch quality and customer service is our priority. That is exactly what you can expect when working with LARC. From step one to completion, our licensed experts will communicate with you directly. There isn't a question we can't answer.


Our engineer inspects building to get dimensions, identifying structural system, and does health assessment.


Highly experienced engineer determines available strength of building and efficiently design retrofit plans only for the shortcomings.


Highly experienced contractor constructs the plans
safely, quickly and efficiently under constant engineer monitoring.


We Specialize in Earthquake Retrofitting Design and Construction Two Story Buildings Soft Story Retrofit

Engineering + Design + Seismic Gas Valves Phase + THP + Permits

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